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About Me

Allow me to introduce myself in this video, created in Vyond.

In fourth grade, I refused to play with my neighbor friend until she completed the worksheets I created for her. I have since moved past the days of worksheets, but teaching and learning continues to be who I am to my core.



  • coding a computer game teaching chemistry concepts in the late 90s,

  • working in a developmental psychology lab as part of a team researching instructional language,

  • exploring neuropsychology, neuroscience, and developmental psychology,

  • crafting and honing learning experiences as an educator,

  • studying parent-offspring teaching and learning behaviors in Black Howler monkeys in Nicaragua,

  • developing instructional modules for implementation on the White Earth reservation, to

  • sharing my passion for the natural world as a volunteer at our local zoo, 

my lifetime has been spent delving into the learning process, evaluating and analyzing data, and designing and developing effective, engaging learning solutions that excite, inspire, and support meaningful growth.

I am inventive and skilled in connecting learners deeply to content by creating engaging learning experiences tailored to learner background and interest.


From needs analysis through design, development, implementation, and evaluation, I collaborate thoughtfully with stakeholders and SMEs to deliver targeted solutions, addressing skill gaps and improving learner outcomes using immersive scenarios and task-based experiences.

Instructional Design Credentials & Certificates

Ready to grow into new challenges, I transitioned to corporate Instructional Design in 2022 and enrolled in the Applied Instructional Design Academy, a nine month applied ID program that allowed me to develop and hone my skills.

I earned the following badges as part of a 9-month Instructional Design Coaching / Mentorship program, Applied Instructional Design Academy (AIDA). The program includes training and extensive coaching from professional ID coaches and covers a rigorous set of activities that includes developing modules with evaluation of existing modules, design and development of new courses with extensive feedback, and multiple iterations.


Outside of Work

When not designing learning solutions, I enjoy writing children's books, wandering in the woods with my dog, visiting National Parks, reading, and helping out with my daughter's youth volleyball team.   

Reading in Tent

Children's Literature

I'm working on a book series for early readers centered on the adventures of Dara, a neurodivergent fourth grader.

Girl in the Woods

Hiking in National Parks

There is nothing that inspires me more than time in nature. I hike in the Minnesota woods daily - no matter the weather.


Dog Training

My Portuguese Water Dog, Bodhi, keeps me hopping and constantly pushes me to explore new dog sports.

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