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My Process


I like to create in an environment of risk-taking, open-ness, and compassionate collaboration. In every setting, I like to learn with and from one another, using problems and projects as a springboard to meet your needs. Learning is an integral part of being human, promoting growth and development throughout life. I see my role as an instructional designer as one of support in that development - for your organization and the learners within your organization.

  • Every project begins with the end in mind - what is the goal? 

  • From there, I collaborate with you to explore and analyze the needs - why isn't the goal currently being met?

  • Together, we'll make a plan to bridge that gap, designing and developing a solution to effectively meet organizational goals in concert with adult learning theories. An iterative process of designing, developing, testing, and evaluation ensures that the product created is useful, functional, and custom designed to meet learner needs in your organization. 

  • After implementation, reflection and evaluation is essential. Was the solution effective? 

This process is what sets a professional Instructional Designer apart. As AI tools begin to churn out material, this process is what differentiates sub-standard tools from those that engage and excite. 

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